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IT Insider Online covers security concerns and IT strategies that decision-makers in small to midsized businesses want to know about. Actionable IT security content mixed in with career advancement articles make the program a well-rounded resource for ambitious IT professionals.

Editorial Team


  • Kim Boatman is the managing editor of IT Insider Online. A California-based journalist with technology and small business expertise, she has contributed to The San Jose Mercury News for more than 15 years.
  • Natalia Macrynikola is a group editor at Studio One Networks. She has worked on a variety of editorial programs, ensuring quality in content and style.


  • Minda Zetlin is the vice president of The American Society of Journalists and Authors. The New York-based writer specializes in business and technology topics and has written several books, including the recent The Geek Gap.
  • Marc Saltzman is a Toronto-based technology journalist whose articles appear in many print and online publications, including USA Today, AARP and Yahoo. His on-air segments on technology can be seen on CNN.
  • Todd Wasserman is a New York-based journalist whose writing has appeared in The New York Times, Business 2.0 and Inc.
  • Eugene Longshore is a UK-based writer specializing in business and technology


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PaliMedia is a privately owned media California-based media company that works with nationally known subject matter experts and top editors to create high-quality independent editorial content supported by corporate sponsors and advertisers, and syndicated across a variety of leading multimedia platforms. 

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