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How do you manage security across platforms and devices (BlackBerrys, iPhones, iPads, etc.)?

Posted by: on August 29, 2011



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What cloud solutions are working well in your enterprise? 3
How do you network with other IT decision-makers? 3
How do you forecast IT costs in an uncertain economy? 0
Does your company use network monitoring? 0
How do you ensure the security of your firewall? 0
What did you learn from the RSA conference? 1
How do you avoid email outages? 0
What roles are consumer-based electronics playing in your organization? 0
Are you planning to expand IT staff in 2011? 0
How do you let end users know about the latest security threats? 0
How do you make your case when discussing a pay raise? 0
What operating system are you running? Any plans to migrate to a new OS? 0
How do you research potential technology purchases? 0
What IT-related blogs are you reading these days? 0
Are you able to budget time and money for conferences or tech shows? 0
What's the question IT faces most frequently in your organization? 0
Do you foresee the demise of the desktop PC in your organization? 0
As an IT professional, how do you define the cloud? 0
Which can't-miss conferences would you recommend to other IT professionals? 0
How do you mitigate security concerns about the cloud providers your company uses? 0
What's your best advice for recent IT graduates? 0
How do you introduce new IT initiatives to end users? 0
How do you handle security when it comes to lost devices? 0
Which operations are you planning to move to the cloud? 0
Has your job become more mobile? 0
What new consumer electronic products are you most excited about? 0
How is the cloud transforming IT in your company? 0
Is Google Apps certification for your employees important? 0
How do you manage security across platforms and devices (BlackBerrys, iPhones, iPads, etc.)? 0
What's the best lost-device story you've heard from an employee? 0
Which tech bloggers do you follow? 0
Do you think an iPad2 can benefit IT? 0
Do you see business applications for Google+? 0
Which apps have made your job easier? 0
Should companies read or monitor employee email? 0
What was your last significant tech purchase? 0
Do you think Mozilla's mobile Web OS project will be useful? 0
What's the No. 1 complaint you hear from end users? 0
Are tablets a smart business investment for IT? 0
What's on your IT wish list for 2012? 0
Who is the next Steve Jobs? 0
How does your company share documents? What collaboration tools do you use? 0

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