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Should You Hire a Pro for SEO?

Don’t underestimate the value of an SEO strategy, cautions Mike Evangelist of Code 42 Software. Consider what SEO experts can do for you.

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Windows Phone 7: Good for Small Business?

Windows Phone 7 projects to be a player among mobile operating systems. Here’s what you need to know about the system as a small-business tool.

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Featured: Frontline IT Blog

RFID Makes Nightly Inventory Possible

If you work in retail, you can’t afford to ignore RFID, says Dan Smith, CIO of historic Hudson’s Bay Company, founded by England’s King Charles II.

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Are Free Public Wi-Fi Networks Safe?

As employees in your organization travel, they’re likely to come across free public Wi-Fi networks. Here’s how to educate your end users and protect your company data.

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Geek Gadgets

  • Sick of losing your cell phone? Pair it with this keychain-sized Bluetooth leash. It vibrates, flashes and sounds an alarm should you move more than 30 feet away. At the push of a button, it also instantly dials 911 and emergency numbers. List price: $99.99

Zomm: Cell Phone Leash

  • A wearable camcorder Bluetooth headset, this handy gadget is perfect for capturing unexpected moments. It constantly records video footage for up to five hours. Just press a button and share the last 30 seconds of video via email, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. List price: $199.

Looxcie: Capture Life as You Live It

  • Livescribe's Echo Smartpen records associated audio as you write. It can store up to 400 hours of acoustic content, which you can later play back via its built-in speaker or on headphones. Use the device, and you'll never miss a single nuance of weekly meetings again. List price: $169.95

Echo Smartpen: A Notable Tool

What’s on Your Calendar?

A roundup of the best IT events

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